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Food Can Company in Greece

Project Overview

As Octacord Digital Agency, we were tasked with the responsibility of creating a website for Zanae Foods Company, a renowned entity in the canned food industry. Our primary objective was to showcase their range of products, establish their company’s narrative, adherence to quality standards, and history through an engaging and user-friendly platform.

Company Introduction & Quality Standards:
We dedicated an entire section to introduce the company to website visitors. This included a detailed overview of Zanae Foods Company, emphasizing their commitment to quality. We highlighted their rigorous quality assurance processes and standards, which are at the core of their business operations. This section was designed to enhance brand credibility and trust among consumers.

Company History

We also incorporated a comprehensive section about the company’s rich history. Telling Zanae’s story was crucial in connecting with their audience and reinforcing their brand’s position in the market. This helped to communicate the company’s experience, longevity, and commitment to their product line.

Product Showcase

A visually appealing and detailed product section was added to showcase Zanae’s canned food range. This allowed users to explore the variety and get detailed information about each product. High-quality product images were coupled with concise descriptions to ensure consumers had all the information needed to make purchasing decisions.

Recipe Page

To enhance the user experience and provide value for website visitors, we added a recipe page. This included a variety of recipes that could be prepared using Zanae’s canned food products. Not only did this page serve as a source of inspiration for culinary explorations, but it also demonstrated the versatility and applicability of Zanae’s products in everyday cooking.


Our strategic and comprehensive approach to the website development for Zanae Foods Company resulted in a user-friendly platform that showcased the brand effectively. The website successfully communicates the Zanae story, underscores their commitment to quality, and provides an engaging platform for customers to explore their products and discover new recipes.


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